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About Cataract & Phaco services clinic

Diagnostic facilities

The clinic utilises different types of ultrasound scan like A-scan (IOL Master) and B-scan and also uses the popular Auto refractometer. All the above help gauge the intensity of the cataract and find the accurate Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) required.

A-scan (Immersion & IOL Master)
The A-scan probes into the eye, the sound waves creating spikes as it strikes of the impediments in the eye structure. The difference in spikes helps to arrive at the axial length of the eye which is conclusive to calculate the intraocular lens power to implant IOLs after cataract surgery.

B- scan is a cross sectional probe into the eye and it necessarily gives a cross sectional view of the eye. This proves helpful incases of advanced cataract, wherein the visibility of structures beyond the lens is obscure.

Used for calculating spectacle power and also for calculating corneal curvature to decide the accuracy of IOLs.

Listed below are few of the state-of-the art equipments that are in use at the clinic:

Phaco machines:

  • Allergan Medical Optics (AMO) Sovereign with white star (cold phaco)

  • Infinite 2000 vision system with Ozil Technology

  • AppaPhaco Galaxy CV 1

  • ZEISS S4 OPMI CSXY Surgical microscope

  • OMPI VISU 160 on S7 microscope

Cataract & Phaco services – Procedures

Treatment Procedures:
The treatment procedures available at the clinic are different types of Micro Incision Surgeries (MICS) like Phacoemulsification. The clinic also has Torsional (Ozil) Phaco, cold phaco facility to completely eliminate the complications arising from a wound.

It is one of the most preferred methods to extract cataract which has gained popularity in the last 2 decades. Ultrasonic frequency is used to vibrate a small hollow needle, usually made of titanium, and fixed to a hand piece containing a piezoelectric crystal. This breaks the cataract into small pieces that can be taken out through the keyhole incision. After doing so, an artificial lens (intraocular lens) is injected through the same incision. The technique doesn’t need hospitalization and visual rehabilitation is possible in a week’s time.

Femto Second Laser Assisted Micro Incision (MICS)
Chaithanya Eye Hospital & Research Institute, Thiruvananthapuram is the first centre in South Kerala to introduce the Femtosecond Laser Refractive Cataract Surgery (FLACS ). The features of the newest technology are:

  • Completely Bladeless advanced procedure

  • Laser Cataract surgery

  • Computer controlled

  • Customized

  • Image Guided surgery

  • Personalized surgical experience

  • High precision and faster relief

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