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1.Cataract and IOL Services

  The Cataract and IOL Unit is fully equipped with high-quality Phacoemulcification equipments and highly experienced doctors & well trained staffs. The facilities include;


2.Retina & Vitreo Retinal services

 Vitreo Retinal services in our Hospital look in to the comprehensive management of Retinal diseases. We are well equipped for managing simple and complex vitreo retinal surgeries and management of other retinal   conditions like; Diabetic Retinopathy, ARMD, Maccular hole etc. we are also equipped with procedures like Photo dynamic therapy, Intra Vitreal Injections. The department is well equipped with state of the art equipments  like 3D ultrasonography, Carl Zeiss visucam 524 digitised angiography system, Ziess green & diode lasers with slit lamp adaptor for Tran’s pupillary thermotherapy, Alcon vitrectomy system & Zeiss operating microscopes with X-Y zoom and Ocular BIOM. Diseases like diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachments, age related macular degenerations & intraocular tumours can be treated here. All simple & complicated retinal surgeries can be done here.

3.Pediatric Ophthalmology

 Well equipped to deal with the medical & surgical management of squints & amblyopia. The clinic is equipped with a synoptophore which is used to measure the angle of the squint & give orthoptic & macular stimulation  exercises. The Hess screen is used to diagnose paralytic squints & the RAF ruler is used for measuring convergence. The other equipments available are

1. Diplopia charting 2.Vision testing for children .3.Prism bar testing. 4. Evaluation of depth perception.5.Orthoptic evaluation. Cosmetic as well as therapeutic squint surgeries can be performed here.

4.Glaucoma services

The department equipped with superlative technology to aid in early diagnosis & management of this disease. The diagnostic modalites include - applanation tonometry, gonioscopy,slit lamp biomicroscopy for optic nerve head evaluation & the Humphrey visual field analyzer. It is well equipped for the medical & surgical management of glaucoma.OCT for RNFL analysis & HFA.



5.Neuro Ophthalmology clinic

This clinic deals with the visual manifestations of systemic & neurological disorders. Clinical neuro-ophthalmological examinations can provide important clues to the underlying diagnosis which can be life saving in cases of intra cranial tumours. It is equipped with Humphery visual field analyzer, colour vision testing & radiological facilities.

Our Other Clinical Facilities are;





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