Dr.Iodine R

General Ophthalmology

About Dr.Iodine R

DO,DNB,FICO,FRCS , General Ophthalmology.

She is our Senior Consultant in General Ophthalmology. Her previous expertise as Consultant Ophthalmologist in Holy Cross Hospital, Kottiyam, Kollam -01/01/2006-16/07/2007.She had done her paper publication in clinical science via online during 17 October 2014 and Inadvertent Descemetorhexis and Descemet’s membrane detachment after cataract surgery, a case report and review of literature Abraham Kurian, Iodine Reghunadhan, Asha George Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology and Research, Volume 7-Issue 2-May-August 2019.

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