Ocular prosthetic clinic.

The Ocular prosthetic clinic at chaithanya is one of its kind facility equipped with state of art facilities & know-how needed in the preparation of different types of ocular prosthesis & their implantation.

What is Ocular prosthesis.?

Ocular prosthesis is an artificial eye ,which is implanted in patients who have lost their eye due to various causes such as trauma, surgery, cancer, or in patient with Shrunken damaged eyes (pthisical eyes),congenital absence (anophthalmos) or abnormally small sized eyes. (mimophthalmos) with no visual potential,These conditions result in cosmetic disfigurement of the face which impacts the patients physiologically and acts as a social stigma.
Cosmetic rehabilitation for these patients through the implantation of ocular prosthesis help in restoring the patients confidence by improving their External appearance.

Who is Ocularist?

A person trained in making the Ocular prosthesis is called an occularist, Chaithanya prosthetic clinic has, well trained occularists who have good experience of expertise in making these custom made prosthesis based on individual patients need.

Where it is fitting?

The Ocular prosthesis are fitted behind the eyelids over a shrunken eyeball or on orbital implant placed following surgical removal of the eye.

Various Ocular prosthesis available at CEHRI prosthesis clinic are:

1.Scleral shells.

Made of thin transparent hard plastic material with central dark colored disc of paint resembling the cornea. This is implanted on patients with minimally shrunken eye ball with total corneal opacity, which gets hidden under the central disc of dark paint.

2.Stock Shells. :

There are readymade shells made of acrylic & are available in standard size & shapes. But the stock shells do not provide the accurate color match when compared with the normal eye.

3.Custom made prosthesis. :

These are made of high quality material & are customized to fit the patients eye socket. (space which hold the prosthesis,) accurately & hand painted to match the color of the eye .This type of prosthesis gives optimum cosmesis with excellent symmetry & color match as they are fabricated as per the pateints specificatons prosthesis shells will move also in the socket depending up on the type of implant & surgery that has been done, but the movement of the artificial shell will not be as full as the normal eye.
BEFORE Custom made prosthesis AFTER Custom made prosthesis

Maintenance of Ocular prosthesis

Adequate care & maintenance adds life to the prosthesis may experience minimal discomfort for a transient period initially, until they get adjusted to it.

Do's by Don'ts

1. Minimal handling of the prosthesis.
• The sheel can be removed once in a month & washed well with soap & water .dried & fitted by the patients themselves, Always sleep with the prosthesis in place. Frequent removal of the shell on a daily basis may lead to discharge, watering ,eyelid clarity, eyelid eversion & inadequacy of the space to fit the shell.
2. Use of lubricating eye drop over the shell
* Provides a smooth surface for the eyelid movement. Over the shell & washes off the debris deposited on the shell surface.
3) Yearly publishing of prosthesis
* To ensure smooth regular surface & rounded edges from this preventing friction b/w the eyelids by the prosthesis.
• This prevents any inflammatory reaction such as Socket granuloma formation & grant papillary reaction in the eyelids.
• Change of prosthesis once in every five years is ideal depending on changes taking place to the socket.
• A full framed protective glass should be worn to protect the normal eye from injury as well as Camouflage the minimal differences b/w the normal eye & prosthetic eye.

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