Digital Eye Strain  04 Aug 2021

Digital Eye Strain 04 Aug 2021

Digital EYE Strain

It describes a group of eye problems that result from prolonged use of computers, tablet and mobile phones.

It is also referred as a part of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). This is more relevant in this COVID-19 Lockdown days as we are working more at home and is spending more time with these devices.

A. Symptoms It consists of a spectrum of symptoms including



iii. Blurred vision which is more temporary

iv. Dry eye symptoms including grittiness, foreign body sensation, redness, heaviness, watering with occasional discharge and even swelling of eyelids.

v. Neck and shoulder pain as part of CVS.

B. These symptoms are usually caused due to a collection of factors like,

- Poor lighting

- Glare on the digital screen

- Poor posturing

- Uncorrected refractive errors

DIGITAL EYE STRAIN can be prevented and managed by following some

easy steps during your work with the monitor.


  • Correction of Refractive Errors and spectacles prescribed specially to meet the unique visual

    demands of computer viewing maybe needed.

  • Viewing the computer Proper positioning for computer use

  • Lighting: position the monitor to avoid glare from overhead lighting/windows. Consider using anti-glare screens.

  • 20-20-20 rule: For every 20minutes of computer viewing, look

  • Blinking: When using computer or any near work, make an effort to blink frequently. It keeps the front surface

    of your eye moist like in a ‘wind-shield wiper’.

  • Hot fomentation: Put a warm, moist compress on your eye for 5-10 minutes, 3to 6 times a day.

    Alternatively you can do ‘palming’ which was originally invented as a part of yoga, wherein you rub your hands

    together vigorously to warm them, and then place your palms over your eyes.


Dr Sachin Mathew George

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