Welcome to the Chaithanya style of Continuing Medical Education. Every year we try to bring something new to our conferences. This year we would like to present to you a new novel concept and the future of CME's. As you all know our cataract conference is called Phakology and this has successfully being conducted for the past 5 years. Phakology 2022 will be in a totally new setting.

This year it will be a 2-day CME which is being held on the 3rd and 4th of September 2022. We will be covering all topics starting from basics of cataract surgery including Phacoemulsification as well as Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery and difficult situations one will face in his day-to-day practice. The sessions will aim at how to improve one's skill set and understanding about the nuances of cataract surgery. This will be held in 2 formats, in two halls.

1. One will be a video based one on one round table discussion with an expert, where you can ask your queries directly to an expert instructor to understand methods to improve your skill and methods of surgery.

2. And the other will be video and picture-based case related panel discussions and keynote addresses which will contain discussions on difficult scenarios related to cataract surgery.

We welcome you to join us in our aim to help ophthalmologists in continuous self-improvement in surgery and complication management through focused knowledge and skill transfer.

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Early Bird Registration – 750 INR

Upto August 25th

After Early Bird Registration – 1000 INR

August 26th- September 2nd

Spot Registration - 1500 INR

September 3rd

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